Here you will find links to some of our key documents and articles regarding our faith and practice at First Baptist.

FBC Life Manual

Our FBC Life Manual is given to new and prospective members, as it lays out who we are, our priorities, our values, and what we believe. This document is intended to help you to get to know us as a church.

Statement of Faith

The Bible is our church’s final authority in all matters of faith and practice. Our statement of faith is a summary of the most important truths that we believe the Bible teaches. Our church’s statement of faith is the Baptist Faith and Message (2000 revision).

Church Covenant

Our church is a covenant community – meaning when you join our church you are making a commitment to the church and those who belong to the church, and they are making a commitment to you. Our promises or commitments are summarized in our church’s covenant.

Statement on Marriage, Gender and Sexuality

In our culture there is great pressure to deny the biblical teaching on marriage, gender and sexuality – and to accept the more popular views of our culture. However, since the Bible is our final authority, we have adopted a statement that we believe reflects the heart and the teaching of the Bible with regard to marriage, gender and sexuality. This document then serves as a guide for church practice (weddings, funerals, ministries, etc.).