Join Us for Worship

Welcome to First Baptist Church!

We are defined not so much by WHO we are, our backgrounds or ethnicity, what we do, and where we live, but we are defined by WHOSE we are. That is, we are the church of Jesus Christ, because we belong to Him by grace through faith in Him. And as the church, we gather together and commit to one another for worship, for spiritual growth and encouragement, and for service and obedience to God. Therefore, no matter WHO you are, you are welcome here. We come from all backgrounds to gather around the one true and living God, His Word, and the glorious truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you don’t know God, His Word, or Jesus Christ as Lord, then we hope you will join us and hear the greatest truth of all (What is this truth?). If you are a believer, then we hope that you will join us to grow and love and serve Him.

We would love for you to join us in person for worship.

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