Gospel Life Groups

Our Current Groups

Group 1: Jerry Lunsford – meeting at Jerry Lunsford’s house

Group 2: David King / Cody Fischer – meeting at David King’s house

Group 3: Garlan Flanagan – meeting at Don Dillow’s house

Group 4: Steve Martin – meeting at Jim Lakin’s house

Group 5: Matt Townsend – meeting at Matt Townsend’s house

Group 6: Michael Carter – meeting at Michael Carter’s house


What are Gospel Life Groups?
The Bible calls the church to more than casual association, but to biblical fellowship marked by care for one another. Gospel Life Groups are an intentional effort to place members into deeper relationship with one another. They are small groups with a focus on care, ministry and worship.

Why are they called Gospel Life Groups? Why not just call them small groups?
They are small groups with a specific purpose. “Gospel Life Groups” is to communicate that their purpose is to live out the gospel together in community. To this end, groups will focus in three directions: UP, IN and OUT – looking UP in worship, looking IN to care for one another, and looking OUT in gospel ministry.

What will we be doing in our groups?
When you meet together, there will be time for fellowship, for worship together, for discussing the Scriptures, and sharing and praying with one another.

When, where and how often will we meet?
The first and third Sunday evenings of every month will be open for Gospel Life Group meetings (in place of our Sunday evening worship). On non-small group Sunday evenings, we will have Sunday evening worship together at the church where we will focus on issues of discipleship, theology and culture.
Each group will decide the best location for their meetings; probably each will be located in someone’s home.

Who will be in my Gospel Life Group? How do I choose?
We will give you the opportunity to make a first and second choice regarding which group you would like to join. However, we will make an effort to evenly divide the groups for group size and intentionally to give each group a diversity that would reflect the whole body.

Who should join a Gospel Life Group?
Our hope is that eventually every able member will join a Gospel Life Group because we each need individual care within the body, and the image of the body in the New Testament teaches us that we must be closely connected to one another to live, grow and thrive spiritually. However, Gospel Life Groups are not meant to replace a commitment to and participation in the life of the church. Therefore, to join a Gospel Life Group you will first need to be a member of FBC Guymon.

What about childcare?
First, group time will not be for adults only. We expect children and youth to see your group as their group as well. So, some of the time together will include the whole family. However, there will also be part of the group time when the younger children will be need to be excluded (times of confession, accountability and prayer). Each group will discuss the specific needs of their particular group and come up with a plan for child care.

How do I sign up to be in a Gospel Life Group?
Call the church office (580.338.8595), send us an email, or visit with a pastor after one of our worship services.